Accès adaptés aux personnes en situation de handicap - Parking à proximité - skippers et voiturier à votre service

Huîtres de la Maison Gillardeau subject to availability

Froides : 

6 n°3 Oysters

6 n°5 Oysters 

Gratinées au Champagne : 15 minutes d’attente

4 n°3 Oysters gratinated with Champagne sauce

4 n°5 Oysters gratinated with Champagne sauce

 Cold starters

 Fisch ceviche 

Marinated tuna with lime, ginger and coconut milk like in Tahiti

Vegetarian salad with organic quinoa, basil pesto, raw and cooked vegetables

  Fresh salmon and tuna sashimi 

Warm lobster salad with orange balsamic vinaigrette (half lobster from our tank fish)  


                                         Hot starters 

Provençal style  Caillette « meat ball »

Homemade rock fish soup 

                              Spécialités  subject to availability     

Gambas curry and pilaw rice

Tasting Bouillabaisse one service 

Traditional Mediterranean bouillabaisse for two people in two services

Roasted half lobster  from our tank fish and Bavarian beef fillet, mash potatoes

Lobster from our tank fish sauted with garlic, provençal herbs, flamed, served with pilaf rice  

Poissons élevages  subject to availability

Turbot plancha for two people   

Panseared Seabass for two people 

Panseared  Seabass  with fresh thyme 

Pan fried sole with meunière or almonds butter sauce

Viandes garnies

Rack of lamb, potato millefeuille, leeks, carrot tops and its juice(France)

Roasted Bavarian tenderloin with garlic chips, seasonal vegetables 

Roasted sliced veal « saté », stir-fried rice with vegetables

extra vegetables 


Menu  (Drinks not included)


Homemade rock fish soup


Fish ceviche


Provençal style Caillette « meat ball »


Small Gambas curry, pilaf rice


Sea bream fillet, vegetables piperade, crunchy fennel salad


Veal fillet ‘grenadine” cooked at low temperature Seasonal vegetables

Fromage ou Dessert

Selection of cheese


Choice of pastrie


Ice creams and sorbets

Le Chef Pâtissier vous régale avec :

Choice of pastries 

 Desserts chauds:

Flaming apple pie with Calvados and ice cream 

Flaming crêpes with Grand-Marnier and vanilla ice cream 

Desserts chauds à commander au début du repas : 

Mellow Guayaquil chocolate cake, yoghurt ice cream 

Hot souffle flavoured with Grand Marnier 

Hot « Manjari » chocolate souffle 

Les gourmandises glacées :  

     Our ice creams and sorbets are made by our artisan ice cream maker

Vanilla and hazelnut ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream 

Lemon sorbet with vodka 

Café ou chocolat Liégeois

Praline ice cream, Khalua whipped cream, meringue 

Ice creams and sorbets