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Cold starters :

 Marinated tuna with lime and coconut milk like in Tahiti

 Half-cooked tuna Japanese way

 Duck foie gras terrine

 Marinated shrimps Tahitian style

Scottish smoked salmon sashimi, zests of citrus, yuzu cream

Beetroots passion: beetroots  in different texture                                         

Seabass tartar with passion creamy parsnips and squid ink tile

Provençal style « Caillette »



Hot starters :

Homemade rock fish soup


 Spécialités :


Tasting Bouillabaisse

Traditional Mediterranean bouillabaisse (price per person)

 Panseared Seabass for two people

Wild gambas and Bavarian beef fillet, shellfish bisque sauce


Produits de la Mer :

Gambas curry and pilaw rice

Panseared  Seabass  with fresh thyme,  baked potatoe

 Wild roasted gambas, risotto like a « paella », Iberian chorizo crisps, basil pesto

Pan fried sole with meunière butter or with almonds


Viandes garnies :

Pan fried lamb chops, seasonal vegetables, reduced juice with thyme                                     

Roasted Bavarian tenderloin with garlic chips, seasonal vegetables

Roasted sliced veal with « Saté » stir-fried rice with vegetables



Menu  :


Homemade rock fish soup


Scottish smoked salmon sashimi, zests of citrus, yuzu cream


Provençal style « Caillette »



Small Gambas curry


Seabass fillet, spelt Riviera way, herbs panisse


Veal fillet “grenadine” cooked at low temperature, seasonal vegetables


Fromage ou Dessert

Selection of cheese


Choice of pastrie


Ice creams and sorbets