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Huîtres de la Maison Gillardeau

subject to availability


6 n°3 Oysters

6 n°5 Oysters

Hot :

6 n°3 Oysters gratinated in Champagne sauce

6 n°5 Oysters gratinated in Champagne sauce


Veal and Tuna tartar

Lobster carpaccio, gellified citruses, riquette salad

Local octopus at low cooking process, gremolata tomato, grilled eggplant

Small fried fishs, gambas*, fried onions

Chef’s favorite

Turbotin plancha, white butter


Pêche locale de Mr steeve Molinari:

subject to availability

Red mullets, whole or fillets, prepared according to your taste


Cheese platter

Choice of pastrie

Some dishes might contain allergens
Thanks to ask for our allergen information menu

* Frozen product

Taxes and service included